Welcome to Zeta Consulting’s new site!

Hello & welcome to my first blog of our new revised website! My name is Salvador Aguilar. I founded Zeta Consulting in October 2001, after having worked as a recruiter at a larger firm for some time. When I founded this firm, it was a month after 9/11, our second son was only 2 months old & our oldest son was 4. Since then we have helped hundreds of candidates nationwide find new jobs & achieve some of their career goals and this fall our oldest son will be heading off to college & our youngest son will be a freshman in high school.

For me recruiting has always been about being able to help people. When people are happy in their careers, whether it is being challenged intellectually, leaving a bad environment, making more money, etc. people tend to be happier. Happier people tend to be better colleagues, friends, family members. Those things are important to me. I want to hear that my candidates love their new job! I walked away from a transactional recruiting firm, where I had been very successful, because I wanted something different. I wanted to create a company that was based on honest relationships & networking, where helping candidates and clients was the goal. Though we are a boutique firm, we have a nationwide reach. We have been very selective with the firms & clients that we have partnered with. Our clients are Global Fortune firms, or firms on an upward trend with a great story. I want candidates to have pride in where they choose to take their talents.

On a weekly basis I will be writing about what I see happening in the job market. I’ll also write about process of getting a new job. Getting a new job is not a science, but there are some tools that I can share that will make the process easier from resume writing, interview prep, offer negotiations, offer acceptance, resignation, start date, etc… What you’ll read here is from experiences with candidates & clients, that I hope will help you. It will not always be pretty, but it will be real.

Thanks & I’m looking forward to sharing & listening to your thoughts.