We work closely with each partner client to understand their unique investment approach, strategy and culture in order to best educate potential candidates and achieve optimal search results during critical timelines.

Candidate Sourcing

Top performing candidates are targeted by using a 24x7x365 automated system. This proven systems contacts new passive candidates and nurtures relationships with previously screened candidates.

We do not advertise our clients’ open positions and therefore we will not duplicate your recruiting efforts. Our long-term relationships, industry knowledge, sophisticated and continuously updated databases and global network facilitate your search.


Throughout the recruitment process, we continue to work with you to compare the capabilities and potential contributions of several well-qualified candidates, to assist in the negotiations and to follow-up after the individuals have joined your organization. We are committed to providing our clients with a cost effective and practical solution to their staffing needs.

  • Retainer: A partnership that leads to the most efficient & effective process to identify your next great employee. This approach is preferred by companies with hires over 150k and requires a portion of the fee to be paid up front and the balance to be paid after the full completion of the search.
  • Contingency: We treat this method as the “show-me” search. We only send candidates that are qualified to fill the role. The candidates will be professional, prepared and interested in your career opportunity.
  • Consulting: Many firms use consultants as a valuable human capital resource to work on time sensitive projects and when the head count has not been approved yet. We have access to many professional & experienced consultants ready to begin work asap and are on our payroll.

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