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Strategic Talent Solutions for Private Equity Success: Zeta Consulting collaborates closely with partner clients, delving into each unique investment approach to deliver precision in crucial hires at critical investment junctures.

Our search excellence is fueled by a meticulous process that crafts profiles based on skills, culture, and strategy. With a nuanced understanding of client needs and timelines, we provide education and talent analysis, ensuring successful hires resulting in propelling investments forward.

We employ a proven system to recruit high performing talent top performers. Recognizing that many top performers are not actively seeking new opportunities, we proactively engage with them, providing offering market intel career counsel. We are able to guide them in advancing their careers in the Private Equity ecosystem.

With long-term relationships, industry expertise, sophisticated databases, and a nationwide network, Zeta Consulting facilitates an efficient and effective hiring process, that contributes to the success of private equity investments.

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The solution for Critical / Senior / Strategic Hires.


Rigorous headhunting process

Dedicated specialist delivery team

Committed to working with you until the position is filled!

Retained Search

Retained Search Process: Benefits

  • Speed, Accuracy & Completion
  • Economies of scale – subordinate hires
  • Accurate, live Salary data
  • Perception information, directly from market
  • Clarity and consistency of your brand activities
  • Complete control over process

Our Solutions

We are committed to providing our clients with a cost effective and practical solution to their staffing needs.


Forge a partnership that ensures efficiency and effectiveness in identifying your next exceptional employee. This approach is the preference for companies with hires exceeding 150k, involving an initial upfront payment of a percentage of the fee, with the remaining balance settled upon the full completion of the search. It's a strategic alliance designed to optimize the recruitment process for optimal results.

Engagement Model

Aligning with the principles of a retained search, our process and approach remain consistent. The distinction lies in the upfront payment, set at an amount less than the typical retained fee amount, with the balance to be settled upon the full completion of the search. This flexible model fosters a strategic and collaborative partnership, ensuring a comprehensive and successful recruitment process tailored to your specific needs.

Operating Executive Consulting

In the realm of time-sensitive projects and situations where headcount approval is pending, many firms turn to consultants as a valuable human capital resource. We offer a unique advantage with access to a pool of professional and experienced consultants ready to commence work immediately, all seamlessly integrated into our payroll system for swift and efficient deployment.

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At Zeta Consulting, our unwavering commitment is dedicated to cultivating enduring relationships with our candidates. We explore your career goals and intricate work/life priorities. Our goal’s is a comprehensive understanding of your priorities, that serves as the bedrock of our partnership. Acknowledged as a distinguished career advisor, our expertise extends beyond guidance – we provide candidates with invaluable insights that can resonate profoundly throughout their professional journeys within the dynamic Private Equity ecosystem.

Privacy stands as a cornerstone in our approach. All information entrusted to us is held in the strictest confidence.Our commitment to privacy is fortified by a stringent policy; no representation on your behalf will transpire without your explicit prior authorization.

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PE Portfolio Operation Assignments:

Financial Operating Executive, 
Strategy & Diligence Practice Lead, 
Finance Leader, 
IT & Commercial Due Diligence Leaders, 
VP and Associate Portfolio Operations

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PE Portfolio Company Assignments:

Chief Financial Officer, 
Chief Accounting Officer, 
Global Controller, 
Head of Financial Planning & Analysis, 
Head of M&A and Integrations, 
VP, Strategic Finance

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